What are Herbal Supplements?

Herbal supplements are all natural and they come from many different things such as plants, trees, fruits, vegetable and some animals. Many people are turning to these types of medicinal supplements because they are all natural and they are non habit forming.

They have become more popular in the past ten years and we are now using them for hundreds of different uses. There are herbal supplements to help you lose weight, stay focused and sleep. There are hundreds of different herbs that you can take but you need to know what they are used for and what they do before you take any of them.

Herbal supplements, sometimes called botanicals, aren’t new. Plants have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. However, herbal supplements haven’t been subjected to the same scientific scrutiny and aren’t as strictly regulated as medications.

For example, makers of herbal supplements don’t have to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before putting their products on the market. More info from… Herbal supplements: What to know before you buy – https://www.mayoclinic.com/health/herbal-supplements/SA00044

Here are some very common herbal supplements that you might not even know that are used for some kind of remedy. They are just common everyday foods or ingredients that you already have come across in your kitchen. There are a lot of them but, here are 3 and a short information about them.


Ginger Root

Herbal Supplement, Ginger by FotoosVanRobin, on Flickr

Ginger, Image by FotoosVanRobin from Flickr

Ginger root is a herb that is found in China and India and it has been used in these countries for years for cooking and for medication. Ginger root is used to help relieve the symptoms of menstruation such as cramping.

Menstruation cramps can be overwhelming sometimes and ginger root can be taken to help relieve some of the pain. Another common use for ginger root is seasickness. If you have ever had seasickness you know that you never want to experience it again.

Taking ginger root with you on your next cruise will help ensure that you don’t get sea sick. Ginger root has also been proven to help digestions, reduce high blood pressure, lower cholesterol and it helps treat ulcers.


Green Tea

Common Herbs, Green Tea by bkajino, on Flickr

Green Tea, Image by bkajino via Flickr

Green tea is a great herbal supplement to take. It has been proven to boost the immune system and help fight heart disease and cancer. It is also commonly used to help promote weight loss. The green tea extract actually comes from the leaves of the plant and that where all the beneficial stuff is.

You can find green tea at any local grocery store or any pharmacy. It’s relatively cheap making it affordable for almost anyone. Green tea has so many benefits that it’s an essential to have in your pantry.


Fish Oil

Great Health Benefits, Fish Oil Supplements by Shannon Miller Lifestyle, on Flickr

Fish Oil, Image by Shannon Miller Lifestyle via Flickr

The benefits of fish oil never cease to amaze us and the FDA of the US recently said that the long-chain Omega 3 fatty acids containing EPA and DHA may help reduce coronary heart disease.

There have been so many different studies conducted and countless hours of research preformed and they all conclude that fish oil should be a daily part of our nutritional intake. Fish oil can be used to prevent high cholesterol, arthritis, depression, lowering fat levels and slowing the onset of arthrosclerosis.

Taking herbal supplements is a great alternative to just taking a prescription medication. We live in a society where we are quick to take a prescription medication and before you know it you could be taking five or six medications every day.

That is a lot of medication to put into your body on a daily basis and it could have harmful long term affects on our bodies.


More Information and Resources about Herbal Supplements:

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The information written here is not meant as medical advice. Please talk to your doctor or other qualified health professional prior to following what is written on the article or taking herbal supplements of any kind.