Add a Visit to the Vitamin Store on Your Travel Checklist

Whether you’re planning your next exotic vacation or racking up the frequent flier miles from all those business trips, it’s important to help your body fight off fatigue and potential illness while traveling.

Changes in diet, climate and jet lag are all contributing factors to a suppressed immune system, and taking vitamins can help give you the boost you need to enjoy your time away and not be stuck in a hotel bed somewhere feeling sick.

Walking into a vitamin store can be a little confusing, even for those already familiar with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With so many vitamins, minerals and supplements on the market today, you could easily get lost trying to figure out just what you need, but that shouldn’t discourage you because a visit to the vitamin store before you hit the road may be just what you need to make sure you keep your health intact and come back home with only fond memories.

Fight Fatigue
One of the most difficult parts about travelling is not getting the rest you need en route to your destination and then dealing with a different time zone once you’re there. Don’t miss out on all the sights because you’re too tired to leave your hotel room.

Taking a B-complex supplement, which contains all eight of the B vitamins, can help to produce higher energy levels and increase metabolism. The ginseng herb is a natural energy booster that promotes better functioning bodily systems that affect energy and reduces stress hormones that typically deplete our bodies’ energy levels.

For insomnia or restlessness, valerian root, which works as a mild sedative, or melatonin, known to regulate a daytime/nighttime schedule, is often recommended as a good alternative to sleeping pills.

Give Your Immune System a Boost
Exposing yourself to unfamiliar germs in a new environment can wreak havoc on your body. Vitamin stores can suggest an appropriate multi-vitamin to supplement your diet while on a different eating schedule or in a country with foods that are foreign to your body. Taking these daily will help add in the nutrients you may be missing.

Vitamin C is still one of the most effective ways to boost your immune system and neutralize free radicals when you’re caught in the midst of all those airport germs. Ingesting garlic and echinacea are also popular ways to ward off colds and flu and fight infections.

Most effective immune boosters come in a variety of forms: tinctures, capsules, teas, whole foods, etc. Talk to the specialist at your local vitamin shop and find out the form that best suites you and your lifestyle.

Prepare For Digestive Problems
One of the biggest problems people have when embarking on international travel is with their digestive tract. Doing your best to maintain a good diet is your first defense in this area, but if you need extra help, a probiotic supplement can help regulate bacteria in your digestive system and provide relief.

Any natural vitamin and supplement store will carry a wide variety of probiotics. Peppermint, ginger, chamomile, dandelion, and fennel seed are other common digestive aids that are easy to find at natural health and vitamin stores.

Travelling is naturally hard on the body, but with a little defensive preparation it doesn’t have to ruin your experience. Become familiar with your local vitamin store and arm yourself with vitamins and supplements to pair with a balanced diet to keep your body on track and feeling great throughout your trip.


About the Author:
Tiffany Olson is a blogger who lives in Northern California (Redding to be exact) and firmly believes in supporting local businesses including her local farmers market, local bike shop, and her local vitamin store in Redding.


The information written here is not meant as medical advice. Please talk to your doctor or other qualified health professional prior to following what is written on the article or taking herbal supplements of any kind.


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